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Muzaffar alleged that the policemen were demanding bribe and when he could not grease their palms, they asked for his checking.
On the other hand, some officers were mounting pressure on me to grease their palms even before they would estimate the loss and recommend
Accusing TCP senior officials of violating Economic Coordination Committee's directives concerning the procurement of one million bales against Rs 25070m ginners of Punjab and Sindh alleged that the TCP officials have refused to buy the cotton stock of those ginners who are not willing to grease their palms.
Those refusing to grease their palms were prevented from selling goods, they alleged.
Historically, and more so at the height of that country's economic meltdown, police at roadblocks would literally jump in the air out of excitement whenever they saw a foreign registered vehicle for they would have found someone who could and must grease their palms.
Tareq el-Kholi, the coordinator-general of the 6th of April Movement's Democratic Movement (a breakaway movement from the 6th April Movement), also denounced his former colleagues for allowing foreign agencies to grease their palms with US dollars and euros as a reward for their participation in the Serb-based training camp.
Clerks would not bring out files, or get you your birth certificate or a land title, unless you agreed to grease their palms.
he would grease their palms and be on his way to a surely vital appointment.
How dare they come back in order to grease their palms, conveniently rediscovering their true Scouse identities?
Most popular sites exclude genuine best buys, instead promoting firms which grease their palms with juicy commissions.