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graze against someone or something

to brush or scrape against someone or something. The car grazed against the side of the truck. I grazed against an old man as I was jogging this morning.
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graze on something

1. [for animals] to browse or forage in a particular location. The cattle are grazing on the neighbor's land. I wish they wouldn't graze on other people's land.
2. [for animals] to browse or forage, eating something in particular. The deer are grazing on my carrots! The cows were grazing on the meadow grasses for weeks.
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and browse
in. to eat a bit of everything at parties. We will just graze on party snacks rather than eat a full meal. I think I’ll just browse here and skip going out to dinner.
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As noted above, not all of our comparisons produced consistent patterns of grazer impacts on plant species richness.
A film, on the other hand, Grazer says, has a "short fuse, really delivering to the concept so it has immediate propulsion and an end with a resolution whereas television is not driving for a resolution.
Grazer saw Lucas as a hard-core Horatio Alger, a North Carolina country kid who moved to Harlem, learned the ways of the street from gangster folk hero Bumpy Johnson and ended up selling more than $1 million in heroin a day.
Whichever club reaches an agreement with Schreier must also agree a fee with Grazer.
Grazer captain Anton Ehmann accused Boro of being arrogant at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium in the first leg last week, and of being defensive in the 2-2 draw, but that is unlikely to be the case tonight.
Grazer lost their Champions League qualifier against Liverpool 2-1 on aggregate and were beaten 3-0 by Rangers at Ibrox in Group F but still progressed.
The LA Times reported, via a Reuters article, that Grazer authorized the payment about 18 months after the film, which starred Russell Crowe, Ed Harris and Jennifer Connelly, was released in 2001.
Breeder seed of AU Grazer will be produced and maintained by Auburn Univ.
Thus, the digger can extract nutrition from both the middle- and high-resource states (and converts these patches into the low algal state), whereas the grazer benefits only from the high-resource state (converting it to the middle state).
As water is a gift from God without which life is impossible, Catholics have a responsibility to keep water clean, to ensure the poor have access to a safe drinking supply and proper sanitation, and to sort out competing claims in areas where water is scarce, Grazer says.
We therefore use different modeling approaches that explore the extreme cases of grazer foraging strategies, including grazers that skim off local peaks in algal biomass and tend to equalize standing stocks of algae over their foraging range, and grazers that totally deplete local foraging patches before they move on, thereby enhancing spatial heterogeneity in algal biomass.
The New Graz Architecture - sometimes designated Grazer Schule against the wishes of its members who insist there is no coherent 'school' - is recognisably a 'movement', and it certainly centres on the city.
MELBOURNE, Australia -- Aconex today announced that is has acquired the assets and business of privately-held Grazer Pty.