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For his Revolutions in Sound album he's conveniently taken all the best bits of Grayhound Recordings andplumped them on one mix for a highly-enjoyable album.
The successful applicants were Alnmouth (from the North Northumberland League), Gosforth Bohemians Garnet (Corinthians League), The Willows who, as Felling Grayhound were Tyneside Amateur League champions, Prudhoe RTH and Swarland.
DEAD; PUT DOWN: Rescued grayhound Mc Gee; DEAD; KILLED: Bernie thought Nero would get a new home; DEAD; NO MERCY: Helpers had grown attached to Little Peppa; DEAD; RETIRED: Bernie says dogs like Pharoah deserve a better chance; SAVED: Bernie Wright of Dog Rescue with Amber, one of the rescued Greyhounds at her kennels in Dublin.
One is a grayhound wich is a big dog the other two dogs are smaller a corkerspainal, and a mix dog that my mother bought home for chistrmas.