gravy train

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the gravy train

A state, position, or job where one makes an excessive amount of money without expending much or any effort. I'll be on the gravy train once I get paid from the settlement of the lawsuit! My brother ended up on the gravy train when he married his wife, whose family owns one of the largest oil companies in the world.
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the ˈgravy train

(informal, especially American English) (of a particular job or situation) an easy way of getting a lot of money and other benefits: Financial services produce very high earnings, and a lot of people are trying to get onto the gravy train.
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gravy train

n. a job that brings in a steady supply of easy money or gravy. This kind of job is a real gravy train.
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It's time to end the trial lawyers' asbestos gravy train.
FRAN BERRY took his tally for the season to 21 when producing the Ger O'Leary-trained Gravy Train with a well-timed challenge to pip top-weight Still Going On by a neck in the claimer.
I went to grad school, a move that both ended my ride on the industry gravy train and robbed me of disposable income for a number of years.
Tryton is gathering steam for a gravy train with a new range of ready made chilled gravies under the Aunt Bessie's brand.
One of the reasons for this unexpected ease is the extent to which this vast, itinerant gravy train we call the Olympics remains, despite its dramatic earthly impact, an event defined by and for television.
It was Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu who recently raised the issue on behalf of the 'disadvantaged' and ordinary South Africans when he stressed: "Someone observed that they stopped the gravy train only long enough to get on.
They have lost all credibility The yellows, red and blue It's time to call a taxi For we have seen right through You just do not get it Maybe you are too thick I do not wish to be unkind But you lot get on our wick All three of you ignored us When concerns we raised with you Called us all sorts of names Now you're done, you're through Career politicians you have had your day The country has been patient Now go, be on your way Politicians, councillors Who ride the gravy train We will now vote you out And don't come back again William Allen, Westcotes, Tile Hill.
DISGRACED Peter Mandleson, who joined the EU gravy train after being sacked twice as a minister is still reaping the benefits of Brussels, even though he's not actually an MEP any more.
It's called Pathways To Work and Enda will personally supervise its implementation - from the window of the gravy train.
All this is seemingly to keep the project going and to keep the gravy train running at full steam for the fortunate few.
I think it's time energy companies reverted back to public ownership and this outrageous gravy train was brought to a halt.
THE gravy train of some Kirklees Council's executives continues as highlighted by the report in the Examiner on March 11 regarding the salary and expenses received by Ms Julie Alderson during her sojourn as interim Director of Resources for a period of four months.
JUMPED or pushed, many MPs are getting ready to bail out because they have been found with their fingers in the till and the realisation that the gravy train has become derailed.
After the recent revelations about the pounds 400-a month allowance MPs get for food, it is now evident I was picking up the bill and will continue to do so until this particular gravy train is blown up.
Or, as some claim, a gravy train for those who organise them?