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the graveyard shift

a period of time late at night, when people have to work, often in hospitals or factories I'm working the graveyard shift this week.
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graveyard shift

n. the night shift of work in a factory, usually starting at about midnight. (see also swing shift.) The pay is pretty good on the graveyard shift.
See also: graveyard, shift
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After the religious funeral ceremony, the dead people were buried at the graveyard.
Mulching lawn at Hyanger kyrkje 3000 m2, Saebo graveyard 6000 m2.
The former Longwood Methodist Church graveyard in Lamb Hall Road, Longwood, has five war graves still cared for by the War Graves Commission.
Justice Rajiv Shakdher ordered an immediate stay on any earth moving work at the graveyard while asking the civic agency, " Under what authority are you digging the graves?
Councillors say only 23 graveyards have been listed by the Jaffari Waqf (Endowments) Directorate, which has led to people taking land for house extensions or illegally claiming property by sealing off what was left unfenced.
On Shab-e-Barat, all of us Muslim brothers and sisters come to the graveyard to pray for our ancestors.
The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has stepped up its public health standards this year, upgrading slaughterhouses, deterring people from washing cars in public places, monitoring beauty salons and improving graveyard services.
Five siblings have been found living in a graveyard in India, after their parents died of AIDS.
The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has completed the first phase of Mesaimeer Graveyard Project and handed it over to the Doha Municipality.
New collective graveyard found south Karbala KARBALA/ Aswat al-Iraq: First governor deputy disclosed here that a new collective graveyard was found south of the city, containing more than 150 bodies.
How many readers are aware that the decision to contract a new development on part of the graveyard of the church of St Michael-in the-City, Upper Pitt Street, has already resulted in the removal and re-burial of many sets of human remains from St Michael's graveyard?
IN REPLY to Teddy Markhart (Letters, May 19) it is unfortunate that he chose to visit his grandmother's grave when the graveyard did not look at its best.
A specialist committee commissioned by our office recently visited the graveyard in Hindawiya after receiving several complaints from citizens that it had been turned into a garbage dump and that there was a pool of sewage there," he said, adding that the committee's findings have vindicated some of the complaints.
Al Ain Al Ain Municipality has set up a graveyard to help all non-Muslim communities in the city as a gesture of religious tolerance.