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In a move that further enhances its digital strategy and data capabilities, MEC has appointed James Graver as national Head of Digital.
Wood then chipped in with a brace on 58 and 74 minutes to make it 11-0 and Graver and Addison rounded off the scoring.
It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome Deborah Graver as a partner and high net worth advisor to our firm," added Marc Tannenbaum, senior partner of Signature Financial.
Shaw, of Foxroyd Drive, and her partner Anthony Graver, 54, were both found guilty of the conspiracy charges along with two other men following a trial at Bradford Crown Court last month.
Whitehill went 3-1 up when, after a goalmouth scramble, Michael Graver managed to head home at the far post.
After seeing Welles's Touch of Evil (1958), a brilliant examination of depravity and the corpulent cop, HankQuinlan, Graver knew he must work with the director, whose Citizen Kane (1941) is still regarded as one of the finest films.
By not backing him he would have brought punting into disrepute, and that's a far graver sin.
Doesn't it become a graver issue when people try to tell others what they can and cannot watch?
The Castle hosts sessions featuring John Barnes, Mike Graver and Jonny Boston with several great bands.
today announced the appointment of Lisa Graver as Senior Patent Counsel working in Able's research & development department.
For unlike the men being evacuated to Germany, women who've been held hostage by domestic or intimate partner violence are actually in graver danger when and after they leave their captors.
In the final analysis, though, Chile's sense of distinctness arises less from remoteness or eccentricity than from a graver kind of difference.
A graver that was probably used for cutting or digging, bottom inset, was found at a depth of 19 feet.
He has faced "the still graver charge of being a historian, presumably dedicated to fact, who is inspired by fiction [by the works of Faulkner and Robert Penn Warren].
Angus Graver, Waldridge parish councillor and chairman of Waldridge Residents' Association, said: "Residents object because the road is not wide enough for many cars to get through the Poppyfields estate.