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grasp in the dark

To seek out a solution, meaning, or sense of purpose in a blind, aimless, or uncertain manner. Often used in the progressive tense. We've been grasping in the dark for a way to pay our mortgage, but I just don't see how we'll be able to afford it anymore. My recent breakup with Janice has left me grasping in the dark.
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grasp at a straw

To make a desperate attempt to salvage a bad situation. A: "But what about all those times I took the trash out when you hadn't even asked me to?" B: "That has nothing to do with why you're in trouble now, so stop grasping at a straw."
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grasping at straws

Fig. to depend on something that is useless; to make a futile attempt at something. John couldn't answer the teacher's question. He was just grasping at straws. There I was, grasping at straws, with no one to help me.
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grasping at straws

also clutching at straws
1. trying to find some way to succeed when nothing you choose is likely to work Jerry, grasping at straws, searched the backup tapes from last week, looking for the missing files.
2. trying to find reasons to feel hopeful about a bad situation She thinks he might still be interested because he calls her now and then but I think she's clutching at straws.
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The robot tries to directly recognize the assigned object and will reposition itself until recognition occurs and grasping is possible.
The new research showed, in cadavers, how the mechanism developed for this problem can produce more natural and adaptive flexion of the fingers in grasping.
Faye Wu would like to take the robot one step further because as of now the robot can only mimic the grasping of a hand, closing in and spreading apart in response to a human's fingers, but the researchers want it to not just control position, but also force.
Current commercially available functional electrical stimulation (FES) systems such as the NESS H200 (Bioness Inc; Valencia, California) are secured to the forearm and can generate hand opening and closing but have limited application for fine manipulation tasks, specifically the grasping of small or circular-type objects.
Bernoulli grippers (or air flow grippers) are typical non-contact grasping devices [Monkman, 2007].
With the recent publication of Billings and Blee, The Road to Poverty and now Robert Weise's Grasping at Independence, the economic and social underpinnings of southern Appalachian history in the nineteenth century, before the advent of railroads and coal, are emerging in all their remarkable complexity.
4) If this is unsuccessful, the object may be removed with a nasal grasping forceps, a curved right-angle hook, suction, or a Foley balloon catheter.
Their thumb was short and lacked both long flexor and extensor tendons, and the fingers and nails were curved to aid in grasping tree limbs.
In fact, although it looks as though the tiny hand is grasping the hand of the surgeon, the fetus was anesthetised at the time.
As McBrien notes, our contact with God is sacramental, for the hidden God imbues our visible world, and "in grasping that visible reality we can grasp the hidden God.
She is grasping, an insatiable hunger to taste our sweetness of life.
The success of the creel loading machine is largely dependent upon the means of grasping the spool.
Grasping the basic concepts of modeling simulation will be an absolute requirement if you are at all serious about marketing.
Optimal bipolar grasping is made possible by a robust hinge that has been incorporated into the wide-opening jaws of RoBi(TM) hand instruments.