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grapple for (something)

To physically struggle to obtain something. I grappled for the ball with one of the players on the other team.
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grapple with (someone or something)

1. To physically struggle with someone else to obtain something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "grapple" and "with." I grappled with one of the players on the other team for the ball.
2. To have difficulty in understanding or managing something. We've been grappling with a lot of technical issues since implementing that new computer system.
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grapple (with someone) (for something)

to fight or scuffle with someone to get hold of something. The cop grappled with the thief for the gun. He grappled for the gun with Max.

grapple with something

Fig. to deal with a problem; to get a "good hold" on a problem. I have enough to grapple with now. No more problems, please. I cannot grapple with any additional problems.
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grapple with

To be engaged with the complications or problems presented by something; struggle with: Some parts of the world are grappling with overpopulation.
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There was no significant difference in grapple time among species (Table 2).
The Genesis grapples have been a key element in the success of this project.
The new attachment features a single cylinder grapple with a unique jaw action that pulls material toward the frame as the jaw closes.
He remembers when Grapple X and at least one other bomb were detonated, and was told by Army bosses to turn around to shield his eyes.
The model chosen must have the proper reach, grapple size, operator visibility and control systems to maximize performance while providing a safe operation and long service life.
Although manual felling with a chainsaw and skidding with a ground-based cable skidder is the most commonly used harvesting system in the central Appalachian hardwood region, the need for increased production and safety has loggers looking at alternatives such as a feller-buncher and grapple skidder system.
Contract notice: Delivery wheeled excavator with grapple lupinowym and skid steer loaders articulated broken down into tasks: task 1 - supply of wheeled excavator with grapple lupinowym; task no.
THIS is the nail-biting moment spearfisherman Craig Clasen plunged a blade into a 12ft tiger shark after a life-or-death grapple with the predator.
The 12-year-old, of the Coventry Freestyle Kick-Boxing Club, won the light continuous category and the grapple & strike mixed martial arts section.
Rockland SR Skid Steer Grapple Buckets are designed for a variety of applications, including material handling, land clearing, hurricane cleanup and demolition tasks.
If the animals did indeed grapple, that behavior suggests they were much more territorial than previously suspected, Bell says.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication & supply of fuel grapple head assembly.
A growing number of long-lasting cast grapple links available.