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graph something out

to draw a graph of something. Please take this data and graph it out. Graph out this data, please.
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The subdivision graph S(G) is the graph obtained from G by replacing each of its edge by a path of length 2, or equivalently by inserting an additional vertex into each edge of G [11].
The tadpole graph Tn k [13] is the graph obtained by joining a cycle graph [C.
Note in the bar graph above that each detergent gets its own bar.
But with a line graph, you'll have an idea of what those values might be.
Graph 7: Gas Prices for Industry and Households (US$/KWh GCV)
Graph 8: Consumption trends by Energy Source (Mtoe)
Access to real-time feedback of graph coordinates by simply running a cursor over the graph.
A myriad of other features such as the ability to import popular graphic files directly to the SigmaPlot graph page, a new installer and network license manager, and improved graph defaults.
As with Microsoft(R) Office applications and popular desktop publishing products, customers can use the palettes to selectively modify graph objects, such as individual bars and lines; or modify multiple objects from a graph or page simultaneously.