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granted no quarter

To be offered no mercy, concession, or indulgence. We are at war with barbarians, soldier. You will be granted no quarter if you are taken captive; likewise, you shall grant them no quarter should you take them alive. This match determines if we're heading to the finals of the tournament, so make sure they are granted no quarter!
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be taken for granted

1. To be considered innately true, real, or correct; to be anticipated as always being available or at hand. The plenitude of our natural resources has been taken for granted by people for most of human history. I guess we had taken for granted that our kids would stick around this town and take care of us when we get older.
2. To be underestimated or undervalued; to not be properly appreciated or recognized. I've decided to go out and start my own business, because I'm sick of being taken for granted in this huge corporation.
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grant (someone) no quarter

To offer (someone) no mercy, concession, indulgence, or leeway. This match determines if we're heading to the finals of the tournament, so go out there and grant them no quarter! Our boss grants no quarter when it comes to the standards of our projects.
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like Grant took Richmond

Very quickly or determinedly. The phrase refers to the US Civil War, in which Union forces (led by Ulysses S. Grant) brought about the Confederacy's surrender by taking the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia. A: "Wow, that was quick! Did you see any animals out there?" B: "No, but I went through the yard like Grant took Richmond." I barely talked to George at all today because he came through the office like Grant took Richmond.
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take (someone or something) for granted

1. To consider something as being innately or unfailingly true, correct, real, or available. The plenitude of our natural resources has resulted in most people taking them for granted for most of human history. I guess I just took your support for granted, because I thought you would be there for me no matter what.
2. To underestimate or undervalue someone or something; to not properly recognize or appreciate someone or something. The boss takes us for granted, but if we weren't here, this whole company would collapse. I'm just getting fed up because it feels like you take everything I do around the house for granted.
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grant (something) to (someone)

To give something to someone, often as an award. The city never granted him the right to start building this annex. The committee decided to grant the award to Eugene after all.
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grant someone no quarter

 and give someone no quarter
Fig. not to allow someone any mercy or indulgence. (Originally meant to refuse to imprison and simply to kill one's prisoner.) The professor was harsh on lazy students. During class, he granted them no quarter.
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grant something to someone

to give or award something to someone. The foundation granted a large sum of money to Jane for her research. They granted an award to Kelly.
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take someone or something for granted

to expect someone or something to be always available to serve in some way without thanks or recognition; to value someone or something too lightly. I wish you didn't take me for granted. I guess that I take a lot of things for granted.
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take for granted

1. Consider as true or real, anticipate correctly, as in I took it for granted that they'd offer to pay for their share but I was wrong. [c. 1600]
2. Underestimate the value of, become used to, as in The editors felt that the publisher was taking them for granted.
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take somebody/something for ˈgranted

not value somebody/something just because they are/it is always there: Your problem is that you take your wife for granted. When was the last time you told her how much you appreciated her?We take so many things for granted these days: electricity, running water, cars...

take something for ˈgranted (that...)

believe that something is/will be true, will happen, etc. without checking to make sure: We took it for granted that there would be some rooms available at the hotel but we were wrong.He took it for granted that he would get the job, and so he was very surprised when he didn’t.
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take for granted

1. To consider as true, real, or forthcoming; anticipate correctly.
2. To underestimate the value of: a publisher who took the editors for granted.
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