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granny dumping

The abandonment of an elderly relative in a public place or facility, especially a hospital or care center, so as to relieve oneself of the duty of caring or looking after him or her. While I know how stressful caring for your elderly parents can be, I'll never understand how anyone could consider granny dumping an acceptable option.
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granny bashing

The physical, psychological, or verbal abuse or assault of an elderly person or persons. While the abuse of children garners a huge amount of attention from the public, granny bashing seems to go largely unnoticed in comparison.
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granny flat

n. an apartment built into a garage or house for an elderly parent to live in. The garage has a granny flat including all utilities.
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Var from the footrace of grannies in Dagestan Republic of Russia
The other grannies have generally said that they don't do it for the money.
No child can resist a picture of people in their underwear, and the illustration with grannies of all colors and sizes getting dressed is worth a thousand laughs.
I first encountered the Raging Grannies at a 1999 tuition hike protest at the University of Alberta.
The final chapter is a description and self-evaluation of Lee's study of grannies in rural Mississippi.
Spunky hosts of the international travel series Grannies on Safari([R]) love taking Antler on the road.
The four grannies are actually friends Sue Hawkins, Jacky Fellows, Deb Nicholls and Emma Rollason who perform together for the Dudley-based Fizzog Productions.
Jags defender Aaron said yesterday: "It's good to see the club get involved because my grannies were affected by breast cancer.
Grannies and the two-bedroom maisonette above are part of a Grade II-listed four-storey house, which is over 200 years old.
Sinead said: "We would love to have our own TV show where we would be grannies and have all the celebrities around for a cup of tea.
Danielle, who works in a local night-club, said: "I'm just really glad I have my mum and my grannies around to see her growing up.
Carole Roy is a storyteller who is working for a "better world" by sharing her insights into the significance of the Raging Grannies as agents of social change.