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As the authorities become active, the land grabbers come into action; suggest the recent illegal attempts and subsequent action of the authorities against land grabbing.
The report made it clear that no sign of grabbing the land was found, however, strict action would be taken against those, who tried to grab the property of Edhi Foundation in Hala.
Other articles in the book research grabbing that has become a part of infrastructure in diverse, developed and developing countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Netherlands, Nigeria, Tanzania, and the United Kingdom.
In can be seen that land grabbing is unconstitutional and unlawful.
However, whilst garden grabbing may be unpopular with many people, supporters of the practice point out it is vital to consider that Britain currently has a major housing shortage.
Get in the habit of grabbing your bird's handholds if you're going topside.
According to Genesis, the GRG line offers the "positive grabbing force of a grapple, its inherent ability to sort and 360[degrees] rotational capability.
At one food processing machinery plant, some of the men, including a supervisor, would goose co-workers by grabbing their crotches or pinching their buttocks or nipples, just to get a kick out of their startled reactions.
For extra stability and speed when lowering molds, three steel ropes support the grabbing mechanism to minimize swinging.
This event is open to the public, and everyone is welcome to come out and try to win a chance to test their luck at grabbing as much cash as they can from the "Sugar & Spice" Cash Cube.
Vice Chancellor QAU Dr Javaid Ashraf in this regard on Monday told reporter that "I have met personally with the Chairman CDA for vacation of the occupied land and he assured me to take possession of the QAU grab land but yet no action was taken against those involved in grabbing land.