grab at

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grab at someone or something

 and grab for someone or something
to grasp quickly at someone or something; to try to seize someone or something. He grabbed at me, but I got away unscathed. I grabbed at the rope, but missed. The teacher grabbed for the little boy and held him.
See also: grab
References in classic literature ?
As indeed it was; for as sorely as Tom's hands itched to grab for it they did not dare -- he believed his soul would be instantly destroyed if he did such a thing while the prayer was going on.
CANOGA PARK - A Los Angeles police officer shot and wounded a 22-year-old burglary suspect who made a grab for his rookie partner's gun, authorities said Wednesday.
Rivet offers the RHYTHM GRAB for iPod nano, RHYTHM Earphone Lanyard for any music player, GRAB for iPod Video 30/60GB and GRAB for Creative Zen Micro/MicroPhoto.
The Rivet RHYTHM GRAB for iPod nano, RHYTHM Earphone Lanyard, GRAB for iPod Video 30/60GB and GRAB for Creative Zen Micro/MicroPhoto are available in Wal-Mart retail outlets nationwide and online at www.
Under the agreement, CompUSA will be the first retail store to offer Rivet's RHYTHM Earphone Lanyard and GRAB for iPod nano products.
The Rivet Micro Clip on the lanyard securely attaches to almost any music player and any Rivet GRAB for iPod.
The GRAB for iPod shuffle also includes a lanyard, with either colored glass beads or cloth with custom designs, enabling users to accessorize their Shuffle with their clothing, bags or other fashion items.
The Rivet GRAB for iPod product line is available immediately at Apple Stores nationwide and online at http://store.
Apple stores are currently carrying the new Rivet GRAB for iPod mini and iPod with click wheel (20/30GB and 40/60GB) at a price of $29.
Apple stores are currently carrying the Rivet GRAB for iPod mini, iPod with click wheel 20/30GB and 40/60GB at a price of $29.
Before a player decides to add another monkey to the stack, the player has the option to keep stacking monkeys or jump and grab for the bananas by touching the "Grab Bananas" button on screen.