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I've got a rope up here that even Jennie did not find.
I tried to lift and push it until I was lame, and then I got so angry I bit off a little piece at one corner--but it hurt my teeth.
Why, I've got a friend that's going into this yer branch of the business--wants to buy up handsome boys to raise for the market.
After a patient waiting, I got one of our city papers, containing an account of the number of petitions from the north, praying for the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia, and of the slave trade between the States.
You think because you've got a green tail you're someone.
That dolly has got a real good little heart, and a bright mind of her own, you'd better believe.
And you know how desperate hard it's got to be to get hired help.
When they got married the book stopped right off, so I reckon their troubles were all over.
All the town would have come to see the actor who nearly killed a man by mistake; I shouldn't wonder if it had got him an engagement in London.
And Alice got the Red Queen off the table, and set it up before the kitten as a model for it to imitate: however, the thing didn't succeed, principally, Alice said, because the kitten wouldn't fold its arms properly.
Them Irishers last summer had all got stones ready for us, and was all but letting drive, and we'd got two reverend gents aboard too.
Vronsky glanced at her, and immediately got out of the carriage.
And that, let me tell you, when you have got such a job as mine in hand, is a real comfort at starting.
So I got him the keys, without my husband's knowledge, and I watched him, without his own knowledge.
Body number three, wrote leaden little books for them, showing how the good grown-up baby invariably got to the Savings-bank, and the bad grown-up baby invariably got transported.