gossip about

gossip about someone or something

to talk maliciously about someone or something. Who are you gossiping about now? They are gossiping about what happened last weekend.
References in classic literature ?
There's been a lot o' gossip goin', gossip about my cargo.
Researchers noted that participants often warned others about a selfish member's behavior or spread good gossip about someone.
For example, an IS longing for a favorite home country food who hears gossip about a "silly" student who went to a local grocery store expecting to find ethnic products may learn where to shop for home-country goods.
Spreading negative gossip about someone does entail an element of risk," Ellwardt said.
And because the story opens with gossip about Cohn and continues with it all the way to Madrid, the fact that our narrator is a gossip columnist must bear in a minor way upon the novel's form.
The vicious gossip about Sally, the newest stylist to join a ladies beauty salon in Sharjah, among her older workmates became so unbearable that she quit her first job in the UAE.
In particular, I refer to all the workers who gossip about their bosses in every office where I have ever worked.
The election of the present Pope was a great disappointment for non-Catholics as well as Catholics who had heard some intimidating petty gossip about him.
The preacher in Jacob's Well tells the Tutivillus exemplum on three occasions, and as Phillips makes clear, the tale is transformed to seem more like gossip about his congregation by relating all the sins that the recording devil has captured in "this church.
While we all enjoy a good gossip about people we know, it's no wonder that the world of celebrity fascinates British women most.
In fact, many column inches are taken up with the latest gossip about someone or other.
PEOPLE remember juicy gossip about their friends more easily than more mundane details about their lives, according to new research published today.
We can easily 'own' those shadows if we take what others gossip about personally.
Delicious gossip about clients and people in the business.