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800-pound gorilla

A person, group, or organization so powerful (either by size or by influence) that it does not need to heed the rules or threats of others. It refers to the riddle "Where does an 800-pound gorilla sit?" (Answer: "Wherever it likes.") Primarily heard in US. Don't mess with that guy; he's like an 800-pound gorilla! These big corporations act like 800-pound gorillas, making up the rules to suit themselves.
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gorilla biscuits

and gorilla pills
n. amphetamines. (Drugs.) Stay away from gorilla biscuits. He’s high on gorilla pills.
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gorilla pills

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gorilla juice

n. steroids. (Bodybuilding. Steroids build muscle tissue rapidly.) Do all those muscle-bound creatures take gorilla juice?
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Western lowland gorillas are considered to be a critically endangered species.
After Cisco and Harry saved Caitlin from Grodd, Barry transported the villainous ape to a jungle in Earth-2, which will likely be revealed as Gorilla City.
We can but hope that viewers who delighted at his insight into gorilla family life will help turn things around for this subspecies, just as has happened with the mountain gorillas.
The biggest threat to the boy, I would say, is obviously when the gorilla moved and dragged him, that could have caused some harm, but the gorilla's body language is definitely protective.
The funding infusion and resulting business activity will require Gorilla to hire six employees at its High Street headquarters, where 16 people currently work.
A TROOP of giant multi-coloured gorillas are standing guard over this year's Llangollen Eisteddfod.
Columbus also has a long history of caring for gorillas.
Screening wild Grauer's gorillas and other gorilla populations for human HSV and other human pathogens will be critical to adequately assess the risk for reintroducing captive gorillas to wild populations of these endangered great apes.
market, and access Gorilla Group s significant strategy and technology resources, such as support from the industry s largest team of certified Magento developers.
You begin with the double card in your right jacket pocket, with the gorilla facing away from your body, and the two regular cards in the gift bag on a table.
10 -- Corning, the makers of Gorilla Glass product for smartphones had recently unveiled Gorilla Glass 3, which sports a feature known as Native Damage Resistance.
Travel Business Review-November 23, 2012--Tourism helps to increase gorilla population in Uganda(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.
Contents claims experts were put on the case for a valuation of a "Silverback Full Body-Sized Gorilla Mount, 7 feet in height" that had been stolen.
Washington, Mar 10 ( ANI ): Scientists have announced that they have completed the genome sequence for the gorilla.