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800-pound gorilla

A person, group, or organization so powerful (either by size or by influence) that it does not need to heed the rules or threats of others. It refers to the riddle "Where does an 800-pound gorilla sit?" (Answer: "Wherever it likes.") Primarily heard in US. Don't mess with that guy; he's like an 800-pound gorilla! These big corporations act like 800-pound gorillas, making up the rules to suit themselves.
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gorilla biscuits

and gorilla pills
n. amphetamines. (Drugs.) Stay away from gorilla biscuits. He’s high on gorilla pills.
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gorilla pills

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gorilla juice

n. steroids. (Bodybuilding. Steroids build muscle tissue rapidly.) Do all those muscle-bound creatures take gorilla juice?
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Undaunted, many Africans are working to keep the mountain gorillas safe and increase their numbers.
The agreement with Health Gorilla provides improved health care communications among the members of our physician network and connects patient data from Scripps facilities using the latest in HIPAA-approved technology," said Dustin Brown, Chief Operating Officer for Scripps Mercy Physician Partners.
A TROOP of giant multi-coloured gorillas are standing guard over this year's Llangollen Eisteddfod.
Gorilla Capital of Crook County 2 LLC, Tanja Baker, 1400 High St.
Attendance was boosted, in part, on an unprecedented publicity campaign leading up to the gorilla reserve opening.
When the day was done, the keepers slept with the tiny gorilla, holding her close through the night, just as a mother gorilla would.
To extrapolate that toll to gorillas elsewhere in the area, the scientists counted the nests that each gorilla makes every night.
The evidence suggested that Ebola was spreading from one gorilla social group to another.
Armed trackers guard the animals round the clock and know each gorilla by name from the distinctive markings above their noses.
Wildlife agencies in the three countries are also involved in the formation of the task force to harmonize gorilla tourism.
Kamina has learned all of the behaviors she needs to know in order to be successful in a gorilla group,'' Ron Evans, primates curator, said in a statement.
A 2-year-old female Grauer's gorilla, confiscated from poachers in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, in November 2005, was group-housed in a facility with 6 other juvenile Grauer's gorillas and 1 juvenile mountain gorilla (G.
Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla" is a sparely narrated, sensitively illustrated true story of a captive gorilla who has come to represent issues of animal welfare and animal rights in North America.
Gorilla Group declared that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Jarlssen GmbH to leverage their shared capabilities and expertise for offering increased value to their global customers, and allow Gorilla group to expand in Western Europe, to meet customer s demands.
Little Gorilla spotted a bush with thinner branches.