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Although the occurrence of the gopher frog at Arnold AFB is a conundrum, their presence is likely associated with the complex hydric regime characteristic of the northeastern section of the base (Wolfe, 1996).
Thus they eliminate the ground-cover plants that provide food and shelter for the gopher frog in its longleaf-pine habitat.
However, none of this must detract from the Herculean task that Avi Gopher has undertaken, and completed, with this study of Levantine Neolithic arrowheads.
Place the poison bait where only the gopher is likely to get it, and watch that the gopher doesn't push it out of the tunnel and leave it exposed.
Copies of the DVD are being sent to local schools, environmental and conservation groups, wildlife preservations and youth organizations to help grow an appreciation for the gopher tortoises.
Based upon feedback from its private Alpha, Gopher Ideas is introducing an updated design with new features, including improved usability, simplified gift recommendation tool, and a "rate gift ideas" game in which players vote "yes" or "no" to matches between gift ideas and occasions, people, and interests.
The estrous cycle of the plains pocket gopher, Geomys bursarius, in the laboratory.
The bait I use has an anise/licorice fragrance that is tempting to the gopher.
More than 400 animal species are known to use gopher tortoise burrows, including the federally endangered Eastern indigo snake.
In 1987, the Fish and Wildlife Service listed gopher tortoise populations west of the Mobile and Tombigbee rivers in Alabama as threatened.
The Llano pocket gopher, Geomys texensis, was only recently recognized as a species distinct from the plains pocket gopher, Geomys bursarius, by Block & Zimmerman (1991).
Expenses decreased in large part due to the sharing of costs and expenses by the Company with its unconsolidated subsidiary, Gopher State Ethanol, the company reported.
You can download files using FTP (file transfer protocol) and find information on Gopher and Wide Area Information Server (WAIS) databases, as well as participate in news groups and chat sessions.
In the past, librarians have developed classification systems, cataloging formats, and controlled vocabularies to organize print materials, but computer scientists have developed Internet tools such as Gopher, Archie, Veronica, and World Wide Web.
The environmental resources of the Internet are readily available through several large information providers on the Internet, which also provide their users with the 'Net's basic tools for logging on to other computers, such as Telnet, Gopher, Web and e-mail.