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1. verb To make a blunder or mistake. Boy, I really goofed on that math problem. How did I get a negative number as my answer?
2. verb To use drugs recreationally. I don't think you realize how dangerous it is to goof like you're doing.
3. verb To lose control of one's body (as by slobbering) due to heroin usage. He's goofing now—how much smack did you give him?
4. noun A blunder or mistake. Boy, I really made a goof on that math problem. How did I get a negative number as my answer?
5. noun One who is prone to silly behavior. Hey, you goofs in the back row need to calm down and be quiet!

goofed (up)

1. Inf. messed up; out of order. All my papers are goofed up. Everything on my desk is goofed. Who's been here?
2. Inf. confused; distraught. I'm sort of goofed up today. I think I'm coming down with something. I was up too late last night, and now I'm all goofed up.
See also: goof


See also: goof
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And he goofed again when he didn't know the Cummins engine plant at Shotts had been axed - until the Daily Record told him.
Three days later, after a round of finger-pointing, City Clerk Michael Carey admitted he and his staff goofed in failing to proofread the voter pamphlet and will spend more than $300,000 for a supplemental mailing to fix their blunder.
We saw something we didn't see before in Levingston, but we goofed.
We goofed,'' tax board spokeswoman Denise Quade said Friday, explaining those who have filed their state returns electronically may have received a letter this week stating they owed taxes and related interest and penalties.
Roofing contractor Chris Dyck, who owns August Roofing, goofed last week and ripped the top off the wrong house, leaving a 20-foot by 6-foot hole in Pouget's roof.
Roofers goofed and ripped the top off the wrong house.
On the other hand, because the Treasury goofed, the Clinton administration is forced to ask Congress to straighten out the mess, allowing Republicans on Capitol Hill to assert Clinton is raising taxes.
They took a look at it and then publicly said, `We goofed,' '' Alpers said.
6, 1995, when it nearly blew up in Yousef's face - he goofed while mixing chemicals and started a fire.