goods and chattels

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your goods and chattels

all the things that belong to you
Usage notes: This is an old legal phrase.
Jim arrived at the flat with all his goods and chattels packed into two shopping bags.
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References in classic literature ?
Oh, Fan, you ought to have seen my triumphal entry into the city, sitting among my goods and chattels, in a farmer's cart.
And Tom was soon deep in Arthur's goods and chattels, all new, and good enough for a fifth-form boy, and hardly thought of his friends outside till the prayer-bell rang.
I did not appear but through this agent I forced the foreclosure, and but few days (no more, believe me, than the law allowed) were given John Claverhouse to remove his goods and chattels from the premises.
Meanwhile the gallant Jos had agreed to escort his sister and the Major's wife, the bulk of whose goods and chattels, including the famous bird of paradise and turban, were with the regimental baggage: so that our two heroines drove pretty much unencumbered to Ramsgate, where there were plenty of packets plying, in one of which they had a speedy passage to Ostend.
The proprietor had left the town with all his goods and chattels, and where he had gone I could not positively ascertain from any one.
uk STACK your goods and chattels in this set of three flower storage boxes, pounds 19.