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an oldie but (a) goodie

1. Something that was created a relatively long time ago but which is still excellent by today's standard. Ah, the White Album—that's an oldie but goodie! Here, try this book. It's an oldie but a goodie.
2. A person who is advanced in years but is very likable, reliable, helpful, etc. I'm giving you a desk next to Martin. He's an oldie but goodie who will help show you the ropes. A: "You're an oldie but a goodie, Aunt Lily!" B: "Hey, I'm not old!"
See also: but, goodie, oldie

oldie but goodie

n. something (or even someone) that is old but still likable. Mary is an oldie but goodie. I’m glad she’s still around.
See also: but, goodie, oldie
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Voters, however, were undecided whether the Spice Girls were goodies or baddies.
While 50 per cent thought the Spice Girls were goodies, 41 per cent thought they were baddies.
Not one, but two, Doctor Whos appeared as guest weirdos on The Goodies.
When casting comes up for the next Doctor Who series, all three Goodies, despite their advancing years, are still capable of remembering lines, looking wry or fearful as the scene demands, and being helped and abetted by attractive female assistants.
The Math Goodies web site was started in July 1998 to provide a fun way for students to learn math.
It includes items such as Cecelia Ahern's best-seller Where Rainbows End, the 200 Hamlyn Really Easy Recipes cookbook, a Christmas Carol CD and other goodies, too.