good sport

(a) good sport

someone who can accept a loss in a competition or can accept being the butt of a joke. Bob is usually a good sport, but this time he didn't seem to appreciate your joke.
See also: good, sport
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He said: "Swimming is a really good sport for people to get involved in because there are so many facilities all over the country that are very accessible.
THE river Tyne continues to produce some good sport with salmon and sea-trout after healthy river levels in the past few weeks.
Good sport Evans won't disappoint the children of Seattle Children's Hospital, however.
NORAD's Santa Tracker is an annual Christmas tradition that began in December 1955, when a straight-laced military man decided to be a good sport in response to a newspaper typo that prompted kids to call his top-secret hotline.
THE spotlight was back on gold medallist Stephen Miller when a fund-raiser night honoured him as a good sport in life as well as in the stadium.
Interior Minister Suranchiyev said the refurbished gym will help police officers and cadets stay in a good sport and physical shape, practice in sports, improve their sport skills.
However, it seems that while many have gained entry into the old boys' clubs within their own parties, women politicians must now prove themselves worthy members of the Good Sport Club.
Katy Perry is a good sport and offered sex to one lucky bidder at the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) Inspiration Gala in Los Angeles.
Announcing the honor under the headline "A Good Sport," Business Report said on its website: "Richard Lipsey has run his companies, philanthropic endeavors and personal life with a tireless work ethic, entrepreneurial zeal and insatiable intellectual curiosity.
Summary: Cheryl Cole has shown what a good sport she is by getting a pie in the face for charity.
The story centers on the opposites-attract relationship between the brash eponymous showman and his no-nonsense Yankee wife, Chairy; she disapproves of his hucksterism, but she's a good sport and is generally supportive.
In Soviet Russia sporting and TV personalities were paid average wages and they had good ballet and good sport.
The MLB blowup has many athletes questioning the meaning of being a good sport.
He does not go along with everything Ali G says (he firmly objects to the term ho, for example), but he's a good sport.
Good sport D'Amato, for instance, roared with laughter as she sang, "Don't cry for us Al D'Amato, you fixed our potholes.