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If Quick had his own central casting, Bartholomew Neil would run the place--and to a great extent in The Good Luck of Right Now, he does.
Jay Foreman of Play Along, toy licensee for the Good Luck Troll, says that relaunching a classic property isn't as easy or preordained as it may sometimes seem.
The funny thing about luck is that, much of the time, it's a tale that holds our attention, whether it's a story of good luck, or bad.
WALKING: Walking four abreast is thought to be bad luck but walking in the rain is good luck.
Too often one person's good luck is another person's bad luck.
LOS ANGELES -- In a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, Troll Company, the Danish owner of the rights to the iconic, wild-haired Good Luck Troll doll, charged that DIC Entertainment Corporation fraudulently obtained licensing rights to the Troll by hiding its true financial condition and then conducted such a disastrously underfunded roll-out that the Troll was transformed from a "multi-billion dollar renowned property" into one that was unmarketable.
LOWRI MCKENZIE JONES: Good luck to you all, what a great experience
Donna Bateson: "Well done Lewis and good luck for the future.
And here are some of your good luck messages for the Pen y Fan fundraisers (climbing for little Harri) Lesley Burns-Locke wrote: It took me two hours to climb up and down Pen y Fan.
We can't promise anything; but we can share with you 8 things you can do to help shift the good luck tide in your favor.
Rugby spans a comparatively short period of time so good luck to those who wish to insure themselves for their future.
round-up A selection of tweets posted in reaction to the news Phil Neville is to leave Everton @MikeNixonEFC Good luck to Phil Neville.
But no London 2012 good luck message would be complete without the mayor of the host city.
Good luck sweetheart your amazing :D Jackie Forbes Between you and Tony Mowbray we can put Middlesbrough back on the map
I WOULD really like to take the opportunity to wish good luck to all the Betfair Select Stakes participants.