good looker

(good) looker

n. a good-looking person. Fred is not exactly a good looker, but he is pleasant enough.
See also: good, looker
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Overall, this latest Suzuki Alto may perhaps be a little down on refinement for some, but it is quite a good looker - check out those rear end curves.
Some pretty elegant styling shows that the Sport Tourer is not just a workhorse on the pull but a really good looker to boot.
A good looker, he has been fortunate to find such a good home which seems to have sparked his enthusiasm - which was sadly lacking on the racecourse.
Leading the way (and the translation) is Italian good looker Kelly Brook, who establishes a Latinate seat of learning - the school for seduction - with the express purpose of finding out ``how you can excite the man in your life and how he can excite you''.
A good looker who should be better over further next season, he will be expected to take this en route for a stable which has a very good record in this maiden in recent seasons.
But what you will get for that is a real good looker with unmistakable style, excellent equipment levels, super economy, four seats and, with adjustments, loads of luggage or leg room.
It is certainly going to become a great sewin fly for the future and as the name suggests it is a good looker and at its most alluring in the pre-midnight period
As he is a good looker likely to make an impact as a hurdler, there is unlikely to be a lack of interest.
GOOD LOOKER Abarth 500 is quick, responsive and economical.
Then he went off to star in West Side Story and we met back up a couple of years later and got together,'' explained Jamie, who's a fan of Robbie Williams and Canadian singer Nelly Furtado ``Danny's extremely fit and a good looker, so I've not done so badly.
A lovely drive, a capable car and a good looker, it's at its best with the two-litre dCi engine.
Although a good looker the CLC 220 Sport does not wave its technology in your face.
But the Paramount was already thought of as a sluggish good looker and at pounds 995, very overpriced in 1952.