good egg

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good egg

Someone who is known to be trustworthy and kind. Joey's a good egg. He always makes time to help others in need.
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(a) good egg

Fig. a good and dependable person. He seems like a good egg. I'll take a chance on him.
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a good egg

If you describe someone as a good egg, you mean that they are a kind and reliable person. Her father's a bit bad-tempered, but basically a good egg.
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good egg

An agreeable, helpful person. The phrase applied to someone of value in terms of utility, the opposite of a no-good rotten egg. It was most often heard in such requests as “Be a good egg and mail this letter for me” or “Pour me another whisky, like a good egg.”
See also: egg, good
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As soon as I saw Elf Island, I knew it was better than any other MMOG I had seen, and I knew it would be a win-win situation for The Children's Internet and for Good Egg to have us distribute Elf Island as an add-on to our award winning security product, where 'Kids Only Play Safe'.
Compassion in World Farming has awarded Gateshead Council its Good Egg Award to commend them on only buying free-range eggs.
Traditional Burns Night haggis, neeps and tatties will be available en-route and entertainment will be provided by the Good Egg Band.
supermarkets have good egg producers on their doorsteps.
He's just a good egg and when you have a good egg in charge you will try hard.
Ryan is simply so appealing and guileless at her core that she's able to take the way-out role to its extreme, and all the while we know she's still a good egg - just a slightly cracked one.
SUBWAY Restaurants of New York Metro Area and America's Egg Farmers Team Up to Donate 125,000 Eggs as Part of Good Egg Project
The Good Egg awards recognise commitment to specifying only higher welfare eggs can be used in their catering operations.
Set in small-town America, Efron plays the teenage Charlie, an all-round good egg helping his single mum raise his 11-year-old brother one summer before heading to college on a scholarship.
Housewives' favourite and all-round good egg Alan Titchmarsh, right, has cherry-picked another prize gig.
Durham County Council's road safety manager, Alan Kennedy, is kicking off The Good Egg Guide, which aims to highlight the dangers of poorly fitted child car seats.
The authority is one of four local authorities in the UK to receive a Good Egg Award.
AN incredible money-making opportunity presented itself to me at Wentworth on Friday, but because I'm such a ruddy good egg I turned the chance down, writes Steve Palmer.
The description of Jesus as a sprog and good egg is an insult to God and the Christian faith.
JOOLS Oliver, wife of telly chef, social campaigner and all-round good egg Jamie, has complained bitterly in the past of media intrusion into her life.