good bet

(a) good bet

Fig. a great likelihood. It's a good bet that he will be late because of the rain.
See also: bet, good
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While new economy ventures are out of favor, Forrester Research analyst Matt Sanders believes the office supply space is a good bet.
It's a good bet that the garden house, too, will have undergone a structural metamorphosis, given Schneider's history of architectural tinkering-though it seems unlikely that the alterations will be in the spirit of Mies.
who is the assistant majority leader in the House, observers say the bill is a good bet for passage next year.
In the volatile memory market, static RAM (SRAM) is proving to be a good bet for manufacturers looking for a high margin, low risk commodity.
The gap has narrowed substantially in recent weeks, but HUD remains a very good bet for borrowers who can consider this option, Davis believes.
It doesn't take a financial wizard to recognize that the stock market has not been a good bet lately.
Middle-income investors approaching retirement may be missing a good bet if they overlook payout annuities, according to a recent study by Jeffrey R.
From midsummer on, a mixture of Chinese leaves, mustards and mizuna is a good bet.
He told the BBC's Good Morning Scotland: "I just wonder if Andrew would be a good bet, just given that they met in St Andrews.
NORTHERN STAGE AT EDINBURGH FESTIVAL @ propershameful : Northern Stage at St Stephens is a good bet all round for shows.
When asked if he thought that was a good bet he replied with a smile: ''It's a good bet.
Bolton could be a good bet James_L_Smith: Arsenal, Newcastle and Manchester United treble CardiffRevs: Cagliari can confirm their Serie A status with a win against Chievo ginkers: Lecce at odds-against to beat Parma in Serie A.
Swan Lake is a good bet for carp in the 12lb to 15lb range on small boilies or pellets, while the Birch Syndicate Lake has produced a string of big carp, the best weighing 27.
RWS Holdings - a firm which translates patents into different languages - looks a good bet amid signs of a slowdown.
Take a quick glance at the Dodgers' projected starting lineup, and it's a good bet the name you will find least inspiring is that of third baseman Wilson Betemit.