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Southwell Good to Firm, Good in places (will water as necessary); A mainly cloudy evening, but it will stay dry.
14 : being at least the amount mentioned <We waited a good hour.
The MPU provisions are intended to address how a purchase (such as digital goods, computer software or services), that can and will be used concurrently in more than one taxing jurisdiction, should be sourced to determine the proper remittance of sales and use tax.
The middle of the road form of Good Guy Guaranty requires delivery of possession with all monetary obligations fulfilled through the date of delivery of possession but without the requirement to fulfill performance obligations.
The good news for the Republicans is they won the special election for Duke Cunningham's 50th Congressional District in San Diego.
Character education might be a good idea, or it might very well be an insidious project that hides a Nihilism that is too afraid or ashamed to rear its ugly head.
Women probably were victims of in-justice and indifference (although it is likely that they were victimized by their families and communities as much as they were victimized by the Good Shepherds).
Its essays and sample sermons are thought-provoking as they look at major strains of New Testament thought and as they prompt us to ask ourselves about our own sermons, "What is good about this news?
Well, it almost seems unnecessary to say that when staff experience a high-performance, positive work environment, there is a better than average chance your campers will have a good time too.
The author's discussion of efficiency, what it is and is not, takes place within the world of public goods, a world in which public goods are more and more delivered through public market mechanisms, as governments move more towards `steering' than `rowing'.
According to this view, evil exists only as the privative absence or deprivation of good, and cannot itself accomplish anything except by virtue of some good to which it is attached.
The present study investigates the role of the two components of metacognitive knowledge on the writing performance of EFL writers through comparing two groups of Good and Poor writers using questionnaires and retrospective interviews.
The movement of good internationally can involve: special packing and labelling requirements, the production of numerous multi-copy documents, insuring the goods against a wide variety of perils and contingencies, the arrangement of domestic and international carriage, including handling and storage en route, as well as numerous other tasks including tracking, inspection and notification services.
A lot of things go into producing good work, but one thing's for sure: If you don't have good people, you probably won't have good work.