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n. someone who picks peanuts. (Typically someone native to Georgia where peanuts are grown. From guber. Forced and contrived.) One of the local goober-grabbers took us to a peanut boil.


n. peanut butter. Pass me some of that goober-grease, will ya?


and goober (ˈgubɚ)
1. n. a facial pimple. (see also goob.) How does anybody get rid of goobers?
2. n. a tumor. (see also boogie.) The patient with the abdominal guber is going into surgery now.


See guber
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Title: Peanuts - The Illustrious History of the Goober PeaAuthor: Andrew F.
The advantages of the CallingAmerica solution are compelling to customers' calling needs and budgets," said Goober Networks' CEO Peter Uhlich.
Athens was the county seat of Limestone County, and goober peas are what people who don't know any better call "peanuts.
Goober is the only Bumble who comes home with wet hair, whether he's taken a shower or not.
Consider this: Of all the major male characters on the show - Andy, Barney, Floyd the barber, Howard Sprague, Goober, and Gomer - the only married one is Otis Campbell, the town drunk.
Ridiculous goober though he is, Martin is clearly the "artist" of the pair.
amp; MAINZ, Germany -- Goober Networks, the only complete Unified Communications (UC) solution, today announced the availability of VIVO Engine, a VoIP and video software development kit (SDK) for real-time communication over IP.
We can, for instance, say that it is my opinion Fred Phelps looks like a goober in his cowboy hat.
Ain't no slavery no more, things is going all right, Pervided thar's a good goober market this year.
In his opinion upholding the Rights Plan against a challenge by Burkle, Vice Chancellor Strine stated: "That Burkle and Eichler took a meeting on the same day that Burkle shot off his private letter to Riggio complaining about the College Booksellers deal, and met again after the Rights Plan was in place, are events that I, being neither Goober Pyle or Kenneth Parcell, believe were anything but coincidental and had everything to do with Barnes & Noble.
And instead of buying the girl a box of Goobers, this lovesick goober gives his date a pledge of civility even before the evening starts.
Goober Networks today announced the release of its newest communication product, free video messaging for peer-to-peer and business use.
Their names range from the literary, like Hamlet and Wilbur, to the fanciful or wacky, like Stud Muffin and Goober Stoober.
Goober Networks, a social media company delivering hyper-connective technologies that simplify consumer communication, today debuted CallingAmerica.
Richard Childress Racing, PPC Industries, Idaho Timber Corporation, and Goober Drilling.