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a gong show

A wild, chaotic, ridiculous, and/or disastrous event. Sometimes written as "gongshow." From the 1976–1978 television show The Gong Show, an amateur talent contest in which judges would end particularly bad acts by striking a giant gong. Primarily heard in Canada. Did you go to that party last night? What a gong show! A: "How do you think you did on your exam?" B: "It was a total gong show. I'll be lucky if I even passed."
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gong (one)

To abruptly dismiss or stop someone who is in the middle of something. The 1970s TV show The Gong Show popularized the practice of halting a talent act by striking a gong. I thought my presentation was going well, until the boss gonged me halfway through and wouldn't let me continue!
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kick the gong around

smoke opium. informal
Gong is early 20th-century US slang for a narcotic drug, especially opium.
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mod. drug intoxicated. (Drugs. Originally on opium.) Mooshoo found himself in the alley, gonged.
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Gongs and drums, banners and flags, are means whereby the ears and eyes of the host may be focused on one particular point.
That is the little trick Nigger Ned has adopted from his old God of Gongs.
Where was the clang of tramcar gongs, the screech of motor horns, the vast murmur of a dense throng?
Following resubmission of the application, Apple called Gong and clarified with her that the company is "not interested in the concept.
net), Atlanta observes World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day starting with an experience of Zen Meditation on Consciousness-Health and Happiness, followed by a lecture on Zen, consciousness-universe harmony and PQ (positive qi) at 4350 Peachtree Industrial BLVD, at the city of Peachtree Corner next to Duluth, GA.
There is little doubt that Benjamin Penny's careful and detailed analysis of the religious aspects of Falun Gong will become required reading for anyone exploring this particular organization, and should be widely read by those with an interest in contemporary China and new and alternative spiritualities in general.
Wong as Gong Fei, hilarious whenever he turns out to the audience to intone any Chinese name (and breathtaking when he strips to the waist).
A year later, police in China detained some of Xiong's American friends--fellow Falun Gong practitioners--and questioned them about her role in the movement.
And since Eisenberg's writing, other skeptics, including the magician James Randi, have subjected various Chinese "psychic" children and Qi Gong masters to rigorous testing in controlled settings--whereupon their paranormal abilities have promptly vanished.
British protesters and more than 30 other Westerners were to be expelled from China yesterday after being arrested in Tiananmen Square for demonstrating in support of the banned Falun Gong sect.
Three Danish members of the Falun Gong movement reportedly had their tickets cancelled shortly before flying to Iceland.
That resolution was based on a report by human rights scholar Robin Munro, who catalogued accounts of Falun Gong members stuck in psychiatric hospitals and receiving powerful medicines and electroshocks.
They came to the Evening Telegraph for help and chorus member Tracey Carpenter said as a result: "John Price came to our aid and provided us with a gong which we were delighted with.
Gong argues that such unevenness, although present around the globe, has specific characteristics in China.