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A person or thing that is doomed or destined for failure. If he jumps out of that plane and his parachute doesn't open, he's a goner. I'm a goner if my parents find out I dented the car.

(a) goner

a dead or dying creature or person. The boy brought the sick fish back to the pet store to get his money back. "This one is a goner," he said. John thought he was a goner when his parachute didn't open.

a goner

Something or someone that is dead, doomed, ruined, or past recovery, as in If this new drug doesn't work, he's a goner; or Without a working transmission, my car's a goner. Synonyms of this idiom, such as a gone goose or chicken or gosling , are no longer heard as much. [Slang; mid-1800s]
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n. someone or something finished or nearly finished. The horse was a goner, so it had to be destroyed.
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MessageLabs says that SkyScan AV has proved itself by instantly identifying and stopping all recent virus outbreaks including Lovebug, Sircam, Nimda and Goner.
Most organizations already have the products and people in place to prevent infection from malware such as Goner, they simply don't have the capabilities or direction to best utilize these resources.
Goner appears in user's in-boxes as an e-mail with the subject line "Hi.
He was hanged at the end of Season Three and certainly looked a goner.
GONER RECORDS is one of the unsung heroes of independent music; no frills punk, garage rock 'n' roll in all its glory.
She has not even been in a dance-off in the three weeks, although when the time comes to go head-to-head in front of the judges she is a goner.
Recovering at home today he said: "I'm not a religious person but I believe there's a God out there now because I should have been a goner.
Independent researcher Computer Economics said viruses such as Code Red II, the Goner worm and the QAZ worm caused mayhem with systems across the globe last year.
The sheer volume of the BadTrans and Goner viruses in particular is highlighted by the fact that they are both less than two months old.
Experts described the virus, called Goner, as one of the fastest-spreading they had yet seen and warned computer users to immediately delete it if they received it.
Kirtland's warbler, already endangered, "is a goner.
Tenders are invited for providing and fixing of street light on pcc poles at goner village along with repair and maintenance of existing road light at goner road, goner jaipur
The 44-year-old told Roisin: "I am glad you were there, or I was a goner.
Bernard admits if it hadn't been for the Marcliffe equipment he'd have been a goner.