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golf widow

A woman whose husband frequently absents himself from home so as to go and play golf. I thought I would finally see more of John after his retirement, but I became a golf widow instead.
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African golf ball

offensive slang A watermelon. A reference to the stereotype of black people having an affinity for watermelon. (As former African-American slaves grew and sold watermelons following the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, the fruit became representative of their freedom and was then used as a demeaning stereotype by whites who opposed that freedom.)
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golf clap

1. noun An instance of applause performed in a quiet, restrained manner. Typical of spectators at a golf course, where it is traditional to maintain a quiet, restrained atmosphere. Elsewhere, it can be done in a humorous or mocking way. You're performing in a museum—you're only going to get a golf clap here, not wild cheers. All I got for my effort was golf claps—really?
2. verb To clap in such a way. The crowd golf clapped and murmured in appreciation of the player's massive drive. You don't have to golf clap here—let's see some enthusiasm, folks!
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African golf ball

and African grape
n. a watermelon. (Alludes to an early stereotype of Americans of African descent being very fond of watermelon. Forced, contrived, and demeaning.) When he said we were having African grapes for dessert, I though he meant sherbet. Look at the size of that African golf ball!
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n. a quiet kind of “patting” applause like that made in golf tournaments. (One had quietly claps against the back of the other hand.) The audience sat there throughout. Not even a little golf clap. I think our act is washed up.
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The honour of leading Omani golfer was claimed by Azaan Al Rumhy, Oman's ace golfer.
Each Golfer was able to increase their energy levels and they felt refreshed and ready for the back nine.
According to the company, the TomTom Golfer uses graphics to clearly show key golf course data from over 34,000 golf courses across the globe on its extra-large screen.
Cho was one of only fivearea golfers to score 80 or lower at the Northern Individual Regional while battling wind gusts that reached 30 mph.
Such was the consensus of opinion among men and women golfers at the sold-out golf outing sponsored by Professional Women in Construction (PWC) on June 5 at the Elmwood Country Club in White Plains, New York.
With the $55,000 entrance fee comes a transferable voting share enabling a member to own 1/400 of the club and its assets, with annual dues of $3,800 for principle golfers, says Giffen.
His best days behind him, Watson cut back on his schedule and Edwards went to work for Greg Norman, the charismatic Australian golfer who jetted all over the world from one tournament to another.
Last year, there were 55 millionaires on the [PGA] tour, and caddies make 10% of a player's earnings and a bonus if the golfer wins the tournament.
Even if you have a club that hits the ball fantastically, if the golfer looks down at an ugly piece of metal, it isn't going to sell.
6,086,487 -- Method for matching golfer with a ball
The problem is that the North American golfer thinks you can't play golf unless you have a golf cart, a six-pack of beer and green grass.
You have to look at everything as a whole,'' said Merrick, a former UCLA golfer.
A visually challenged golfer is allowed to have a coach or sighted person accompany him/her to assist in getting set up to hit the ball and may use voice commands to assist with direction.
There aren't any no-look passes or fancy layups in golf, so the quality the golfer truly relies on is his concentration.