golden mean

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golden mean

1. mathematics A division in a line such that the proportion of the whole to the larger area is equal to the proportion of the larger area to the smaller one. The mathematical golden mean has been employed in all manner of things, not the least in art, architecture, and even philosophy.
2. A general rule of moderation, avoiding both extreme excess and extreme deficiency. Some people will argue ardently against ever consuming alcohol, but to me, as long as you follow the golden mean, you'll be just fine. There are pros and cons to both approaches, so why don't we aim for a golden mean that incorporates elements of both?
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the golden mean

the avoidance of extremes.
This phrase translates the Latin phrase aurea mediocritas , which comes from the Roman poet Horace's Odes.
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the happy/golden ˈmean

(approving) a course of action that is not extreme: To be honest, I don’t like either of the proposals. What we really need is a golden mean between the two.
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This central question will help us identify areas and aspects in our lives that we need to work on in order to achieve and maintain that golden mean.
In references [2,3] we have pointed out that the position of "mean" pursued by The Golden Mean is the optimized and critical third position, situated between the excessive and the less.
After my earlier (positive) experience, I decided to give it a go, and agreed to present a seven-week series entitled "The Joy of Mathematics" covering the nature of mathematics, and an introduction to number, calculation, measurement, geometry, statistics and Fibonacci & the Golden Mean.
Alternatively, there is a passage in the Symposium, which Kennedy cites in relation to the Golden Mean with a difference of 0.
In quasicrystals, for instance, the ratio of various distances between atoms is related to the golden mean.
The Montreal-born Dorothea Rockburne remembers Saturday children's classes at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, where she learned classical disciplines--tempera, watercolor, oil, buon fresco, and figure drawing--and where she first discovered how the Golden Mean generates the mystery of infinity.
It is hard to find the golden mean when the government agencies put security and other relevant issues forefront and oppose to visa-free regime, while business lobbies its interests.
cloudbanks, the golden mean, stations of the cross in stained glass or
Goodwin said he was guided by Aristotle's Golden Mean.
He was a witness to the way in which South American constructivists created art with the Golden Mean "sinking their golden compass into objects, into hands, into everything.
Distiches" to praise, describe and implement the Golden Mean.
We had an owner called Sam Lee, from Lytham St Annes, who liked a bit of a punt and owned Golden Mean, who won the Royal Hunt Cup.
10, 2010 (CENS) -- To narrow the widening wealth gap, the government Doesn't rule out the possibility of levying capital gains tax and luxury tax, so long as it has the backing of the legislature, wins the support of social consensus, and doesn't violate the principle of golden mean, said Premier Wu Den-yih yesterday (Sept.
The mathematical proportions, for example, of the Golden Mean appear endlessly in nature and were the inspiration for the design elements in this project.
John Krebiehl's act of forgiveness discredits the ultimate relevance of the Daedalus-Icarus story, which endorses the classical Greek ideal of restraint, moderation and the Golden Mean.