gold mine of information

(a) gold mine of information

Fig. someone or something that is full of information. Grandfather is a gold mine of information about World War I. The new encyclopedia is a positive gold mine of useful information.
See also: gold, information, mine, of
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Current economic historians on the graduate level, however, who know the diplomat c history of Great Britain, France, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and the Soviet Union during the Spanish Civil War [1936-1939], will find this work a gold mine of information about Nazi economic history after Hitler came to power in 1933.
Thankfully, there is a gold mine of information now available for anyone who wants to know about a particular care home, from official CQC reports to online forums where relatives can give their opinions on an establishment.
I think they're a gold mine of information for savvy sales professionals who want to learn as much they can about their prospects before contacting them.
Weekes emphasizes the unique value Internet World offers to internet retailers both in the UK and around the globe, “Ecommerce companies looking to grow their business will find the resources they need at Internet World,” says Weekes, “The combined expertise on the floor is a veritable gold mine of information.
Out-of-Style" continues to present incredibly detailed, witty summaries of two centuries of evolving "Out-of Style" presents a gold mine of information about vintage fashion evolution over the past two centuries, all attractively organized and illustrated in wonderful little costume parades of figures over the decades, such as the March to Modernity 1900-2000, otherwise titled The Bottom Line About Hemlines, on pages 216-217.
The conference is going to be a gold mine of information and networking contacts for renewable energy professionals, clean energy advocates and students.
Someone who hunted the unit last year can be a gold mine of information, shortening your learning curve tremendously.
He was a gold mine of information and he'd give us the thumbs up, or not, if we were doing it right.
There's a gold mine of information that people are happy to share.
If true, Musavian could provide a gold mine of information about Iran's nuclear program.
who wasn't involved in the study, said the work provides "a gold mine of information.
Dr Jonathan Mattison, a researcher with the Orange Order said the book was a gold mine of information.
The idea is to create a gold mine of information related to the business activities of a large collection of companies and also provide a credible source of industry information for news media and agencies.
Economic Zones World (EZW) has announced the launch of its new customer-focussed news portal which has been designed 'to function as gold mine of information.
From units of measurement to manufacturing drinking straws to lasers and from DDT to genetic modification there is a gold mine of information in this book.