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German goiter

A large distended belly, as might result from heavy consumption of beer. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I'd like to run a marathon some day, but first I need to do something about this German goiter of mine.
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Milwaukee goiter

and German goiter (mɪlˈwɔki ˈgoɪdɚ and ˈdʒɚmən ˈgoɪdɚ)
n. a beer belly. (Refers to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a major beer-brewing city, and to Germany.) By the time he was twenty-six, he was balding and had a Milwaukee goiter that would tip him over if he turned too fast. If you want to get rid of that German goiter, stop drinking beer!
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German goiter

See also: german, goiter
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Seven of 75 cases were positive for CITED1, which included 4 of 26 follicular adenomas, 2 of 23 goiters and 1 of 7 FTCs.
The current RDA for iodine of 150 mcg per day for non-pregnant adults is indeed sufficient to prevent or reverse goiter.
In some elderly patients, RAI may not work fully in the presence of multinodular toxic goiter or a large single hyperfunctioning nodule.
The prevalence of goiter is high in the region of Turkey where the study was conducted, and could be related to the incidence of hormone-dependent neoplasms in general, Dr.
Simple goiter is caused by lack of iodine in the diet.
31, 2007, the author treated 8 patients--1 man and 7 women, aged 21 to 83 years (mean: 54)--who had presented in a community setting with a euthyroid goiter that had caused tracheal compression and moderate to severe OSA.
In the absence of a functional NIS molecule, iodide has no access to the thyroid follicular cells, resulting in decreased TH biosynthesis and higher circulating levels of TSH, which in turn stimulates the morphologic and biochemical changes in the thyroid that result in development of goiter (De La Vieja et al.
Subjects include the route of transmission for kala-azar (visceral leishmaniasis); an epidemic of euproctis similes dermatitis; Qapqal Disease; the relationship amongst leptospirosis, cerebral arteritis and moyamoya disease; endemic goiter, Kaschin-Beck Disease; a new rotovirus that caused adult epidemic diarrhea; a hepatitis E epidemic; severe acute respiratory syndrome and its prevention and treatment; the Chinese national twin registry; human-swine streptococcal bacteria; lymphatic filariasis; HIV/AIDS amongst plasma donors; angiostronyliasis cantonensis; intrauterine transmission of hepatitis B; blood pressure, body mass index and risks of end-stage renal disease; indoor air pollution and lung cancer; and the link between green tea drinking and stomach cancer.
Goiter, ophthalmopathy, and antithyroid peroxidase antibodies will be absent in women with GTT but present in women with Graves' disease.
A 46-year-old black woman with history of goiter since the age of age 25 years presented to an outpatient clinic with a large painless neck mass.
In Switzerland, health officials dramatically reduced goiter in school-children by feeding them chocolates laced with iodine.
For centuries iodine deficiency has been known to cause goiter, a swelling of the thyroid gland, and in extreme cases to cause the deformities and severe retardation of cretinism.