go by the name (of)

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go by the name (of)

To use the specific name (that is then stated). My daughter Margaret has now decided that she goes by the name Calliope. I'm looking for a man who goes by the name of Whitaker. Do you know him?
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go by the name of something

to be known by a specific name. She goes by the name of Gladys George. I used to go by the name of George.
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go by the name of...

use a name that may not be your real one: Although she was born Mary Jones, she now goes by the name of Natasha, which she feels is more appropriate to her glamorous image.
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Summary: New Delhi [India], July 10 (ANI): A Tamil Nadu-based cow trade organization going by the name of Maattu Vyapaarigal Matrum Tholilalargal Sangam moved the Supreme Court on Monday against the Centre's new cattle trade rules.
WHO is this myserious lovely who has been looking for her one true love on dating websites going by the name of Adriana?
But here he is going by the name of Mark Garnett - head of a Bible-bashing Alabama family trying to knock some manners into two British teenagers before you can say hi-diddly-ho.
Going by the name of a member of G'n'R is almost as ballsy as trying to lock a backside Smith on a beveled edge.
While working for a trader, Shefford comes to care for a mysterious young woman, going by the name of Mary, who lives in the village but doesn't really seem part of the Mormon community.
The boat is piloted by a man ``currently going by the name of Bally'' who is a smuggler of endangered species, and, as we meet him, he is remembering a discovery he made some time ago: ``that life consisted of a series of repetitions, each less savory than its predecessor - an overall distastefulness in which man himself was but one more repetition.
GOING by the name of Paparazzi Rock Chick, this new wallpaper from Graham & Brown couldn't fail in the glamour stakes.