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get (out) while the gettin(g)'s good

 and get (out) while the goin(g)'s good
to leave while it is still safe or possible to do so. I could tell that it was time for me to get while the gettin's good. I told her she should get out while the gain's good.
See also: get, gettin, good

get (out) while the gettin(g)’s good

and get (out) while the goin’s good
in. to leave while it is still safe or possible to do so. I can tell that it’s time for me to get while the gettin’s good. I think we should go. Let’s get while the going’s good.
See also: get, good, out

get out while the goin’s good

See also: get, good, out

get while the goin’s good

See also: get, good
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