goes without saying

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it goes without saying

It is unambiguous, perfectly clear, or self-evident (that something is the case); it is already widely acknowledged, established, or accepted (that something is the case). I know it goes without saying, but the staff restrooms are not to be used by students or visitors. It should go without saying, but you will receive an automatic zero if you are caught cheating on the exam.
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(It) (just) goes without saying.

Cliché [something] is so obvious that it need not be said. It goes without saying that you are to wear formal clothing to the White House dinner. Of course you must be on time. That goes without saying.
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It goes without saying that you avoid fur, leather, suede, and possibly wool, but have you ever thought about the cotton you don?
It goes without saying that our first priority has to be safety, and so in the case of weapons we must take a hard line.
It goes without saying that most classes are in ballet technique, which is taught from a curriculum carefully developed by Russell and her staff.
It goes without saying in Benton Harbor that Eric McGinniss was murdered, whatever the facts.
It goes without saying that having proper skills, training, and experience played a pivotal role in this rescue.
It goes without saying that Clinton's evolving policy and the negotiated settlement to remove Cedras from office are deeply flawed and can be criticized from both the right and the left.
It goes without saying that the lack of affordable housing in most jurisdictions that want to impose affordable housing fees is the result not of "market failure" but of local government regulations preventing the marketplace from providing lower-priced housing.
It goes without saying that we shouldn't liquidate the old-growth in one generation.
Summary: It goes without saying that the Internal Security forces should be commended for breaking up the largest sexual slavery ring in the country.
It goes without saying that I was desperately disappointed to be left on the bench on Saturday.
It goes without saying Parkinson gets the best guests, does his homework and comes across as a sincere sort of bloke.
It Goes Without Saying (Rattlestick Play-wrights Theater, New York City, Sept.
IT goes without saying that store wars are good for shoppers - at least in the short term.