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shut your gob

An imperative to be quiet or cease talking immediately. Can be rude, aggressive, or jocular depending on the context. Shut your gob, Bobby—no one asked for the opinion of a dork like you! A: "So, where do you think we can sell these stolen goods?" B: "Shut your gob! Don't you have enough sense not to talk about that in public?" A: "Wow, that Cadillac has seen better days. How much did you pay for that little gem?" B: "Ah, shut your gob, Dave. I think it looks just fine."
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shut your ˈmouth/ˈtrap/ˈface/ˈgob!

(also keep your ˈmouth/ˈtrap shut) (slang) a rude way of telling somebody to be quiet or stop talking: ‘Shut your face’, Roger said, ‘or I’ll kick you out.’Why can’t you learn to keep your big mouth shut?
Trap and gob are slang words for ‘mouth’.
See also: face, mouth, shut, trap


1. n. a blob or mass of something. Take that horrid gob of gum out of your mouth!
2. n. a large amount of something. (Often in the plural.) I need gobs of money to get through school.
3. n. the mouth. (Chiefly British.) Pop that in your gob and see if you like it!
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The upper part of the working face is the gobs of two Jurassic close distance coal strata.
According to Equations 11 and 12, the load carried by coal pillars in the lower coal stratum and the load applied by waster rocks in the gobs on the coal stratum flooring are calculated as 30.
Based on the aforementioned characteristics of loading and deformation, the load in the established coal pillars in the gobs is trapezoidal load, as shown in Figure 10.
According to the trapezoidal load of the coal pillars in the gobs and the principle of equivalent distributed load analysed previously, in conjunction with the geometric relationship shown in Figure 10, it is clear that:
Therefore, the trapezoidal load of coal pillars in the gobs can be calculated as:
After the excavation of Jurassic coal strata in Tongxin coal mine, the waste rocks in the gobs and roofing natural arch structure are in a stable and balanced state through prolong period of kinetic adjustment.
The stress distribution of rock stratum flooring of the gobs of lower close distance coal stratum is shown in Figure 12.
Results showed that the effective depth of stress concentration in the lower rock stratum underneath the coal pillars in the gobs of lower close distance coal stratum.
The blocks of the upper roofing of the gobs of Jurassic coal strata in the inclined direction of the working face extrude with each other, resulting in stable natural arch structure.
According to the location of reservation of coal pillars in the gobs and spacing of coal strata, the roof structure of the gobs of close distance coal strata can be categorised into four types: aligned independent structure, misaligned independent structure, aligned coupled structure and misaligned coupled structure.