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goad someone into something

to urge or coerce someone into doing something. Don't try to goad me into it. I just won't do it! We goaded Mary into going with us.
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goad someone on

to urge someone onward, possibly with jeers or challenges; to urge someone to continue. (Usually in this order.) The cheering crowd goaded the team on to victory. I goaded Jed on to taking the risk.
See also: goad, on

goad into

To induce someone to do something through prodding or threat of embarrassment: I didn't want to steal the candy bar, but the other kids goaded me into it.
See also: goad

goad on

1. To make someone or something move by prodding or poking: The farmer goaded the cattle on.
2. To urge someone to continue something through prodding or threat of embarrassment: I didn't want to sing any more, but the crowd goaded me on.
See also: goad, on
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Mr Goad, who has spent 24 years with Granada TV Rentals, said the company was now aiming to increase secondary sales as well as rebuild its customer base.
He did not hold down regular employment but worked for Midland Counties dairies in the 1960s and was a lorry driver for a while, as well as working with Goad.
Mr Meeke said Goad groomed his victims by offering them well-paid jobs in his shop.
That money was to go toward a variety of road and intersection improvements on Goad Springs Road (the property's west side) and state Highway 264.
We believe that many of the brides today, if asked, may not know the history of our two brands and the fact that we have in-house designers that design exclusively for us in the medium of glass," said Goad.
I have worked here for a long time and the most compelling explanation is that it is evidence of bias," Goad said.
Many galaxies with active nuclei are accompanied by lobes and "jets' of radio--emitting material with shapes that suggest they are matter spewn out of the galactic nuclei, although as Goad and Gallagher remark in their report in the September ASTRONOMICAL JOURNAL, "actual kinematic measurements are scarce.
Solloway, Chairman and CEO of Klondex, commented, "Klondex is very pleased to announce the appointment of Robin Goad to its Board of Directors.
Gloucestershire: Andy Prickett, Les Ball, Alan West, Gareth Willcock (21-22), Ian Flynn, John Codling, John Calado, Rob Maries (19-20), Derek Gilbert, Arnold Goad, Ian Brown, Phil Bale (18-17), Bob Page, Mike Brayne, Peter Higgins, Dave Thomas (15-23), Graham O'Donohue, Len Pates, Paul Brown, Ivor Harris (12-23), Steve Shurner, Alec Golding, Michael Jackson, Roy Lawrence (25-17).
Goad remarked, "Specialists On Call is a unique company that is already changing healthcare.
Mr Goad said: "In the 21st century the wolf whistle is out of place.
The commission was made aware from the outset that surveyed Goad data relates predominantly to high street, shopping mall and retail park locations and was not going to provide the breadth of coverage required for an in-depth analysis of the UK convenience sector.
Ferguson continues to goad the Arsenal chief following their stormy meeting in the Premiership last week but Wenger yesterday insisted he would not be making any counter-statements and said the whole episode was over.
William Goad was a ``voracious, calculating, predatory and violent homosexual paedophile'' who sexually abused young boys over a 30-year period, Plymouth Crown Court was told.
If I do goad him into standing up for his rights, people run rings around him.