go with the tide

go with the tide

Fig. to move along with the effect of outside forces. I just go with the tide. I never fight fate. She just goes with the tide, never giving a thought to thinking for herself.
See also: tide

go (or swim) with (or against) the tide

act in accordance with (or against) the prevailing opinion or tendency.
See also: tide

go, swim, etc. with/against the ˈstream/ˈtide

behave/not behave in the same way as most other people: He’s a fashion designer who’s always swum against the stream; his work is very original.Why do you always have to go against the tide?
See also: stream, tide
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The victim, meanwhile, can go with the tide until it loses its momentum or swim sideways parallel to the beach before reaching that stage, while keeping his or her head above the water.
Drawing inspiration from their alma mater song, the outgoing President said the Ateneo teaches its students to be critical of their surroundings and honed them to not just go with the tide of public opinion.
The "Special One" emphasized that United should focus on themselves and not to go with the tide.
Now I know how to deal with a rip - you don't try to swim to the shore, you just let yourself go with the tide.
It was very easy for us to be a part of the crowd and go with the tide and be declared as loyal and patriots by those who control and direct the Kashmiri struggle.
He continued: "A light inflatable like that would have a very high drift rate to a person in the water, it would go with the wind whereas a person would go with the tide.
Go with the tide rather than against it and you will always know which step to take.