go with gut

go with your gut

to trust your feelings when deciding what to do He often goes with his gut in making important decisions.
See also: gut
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Which leaves me feeling two things - that I'm not qualified to make such an important judgement, and that perhaps - just perhaps - I should just go with gut instinct, plus a side order of personal philosophy.
He would not tolerate poor limbs and said that you should never make yourself like horses - you should go with gut instinct.
Otherwise you'll just have to go with gut instinct.
You've been holding this torch for way too long and, although it will hurt, I would go with gut instinct on this one and stop tormenting yourself and move on.
Scorpio should stop hiding, Leo must go with gut feelings and Aquarius need to keep a grip on reality.
They are a good side, but then so are England, and there comes a point when you just have to go with gut instinct.