go toward

go toward someone or something

to move toward someone or something. The child went toward the open door. The dog went toward the cat and the cat ran away.
See also: toward
References in classic literature ?
He saw Eady, after a moment, jump from the cutter and go toward the girl with the reins over one arm.
The man and woman, too, get upon their feet and they go toward him very slowly.
If we go toward the setting sun, we shall find streams that run into the great lakes of sweet water; there would a Mohican die, like fishes of the sea, in the clear springs.
Come, let us see how far we may go toward liberty before I must return.
According to the language on the ballot, the money can go toward "the completion of transportation construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation projects, not to include toll roads.
Spencer's grant will go toward the Depot Road Rail Trail, while Brookfield's will go towards the Moose Hill Snowmobile Connector Conservation Project.
Soboroff wrote on his auction listing that half of the money raised will go toward the LAPD Cadet program crisis and the other half of the money will go towards the Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation, to support the families of fallen officers.
Even at current low interest rates, about 8 percent of your income tax dollars go toward paying interest costs annually.
West said the hospital raised about $111,000 during the last year to go toward the park.
The Learning Centre will receive QR500,000 while Qatar Academy will receive QR500,000 and QR650,000 will go toward Schools Without Walls.
25 million [euro]) will go toward the road sector program.
Instead, he is proposing that the money (primarily grant dollars) that the city currently spends on recycling education and public relations would instead go toward recycling enforcement and compliance.
Nearly $42 million is expected to go toward building, communications, equipment and security upgrades.
Proceeds from the annual event go toward a college fund for American Indian students.
The World Bank announced a $5 million loan in September 2004 to go toward protecting the area around Machu Picchu, one of Peru's main tourist and cultural areas and a World Heritage Site.