go toe to toe

go toe-to-toe

To have a direct conflict with someone, possibly in close quarters. Adam and Joe are going toe-to-toe out in the schoolyard! I almost got hit with a punch as I walked by! The literary magazine and the science club are going toe-to-toe for extra funding this year.

go toe to ˈtoe

(American English) fight or compete with somebody directly: I am not sure we could go toe to toe with them and win.
See also: toe
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Fergie said: "I see a man in complete control of his dressing room and building a side which is ready to go toe to toe with Celtic next weekend and potentially give the champions the fright of their lives in the title run-in.
It's not about being defensive - you have to go toe to toe, match up to their qualities and we can do that in almost all positions.
We were never going to go toe to toe with Manchester City - teams have done that this season and conceded six, seven and eight," Newcastle goalkeeper Elliot (pictured below) explained.
We can't go toe to toe with Manchester City, if we do that then we'll get absolutely annihilated like teams have done already this season," Elliot added.
We don't want to go toe to toe with South Africa because that's what they want to do.
We have players right across the board who have experience and can go toe to toe with all of the top nations.
You don't need to be able to go toe to toe with the champ to call a fair fight, you just need to have a love of the sport.
Everyone knows me as a slick boxer but I can go toe to toe as well.
However, Munroe insists he is not afraid to go toe to toe with the champion if necessary.
The two go toe to toe for the first time at Meadowbank with Foster confident he can revive his career by copying fellow Mancunian Gomez, who overcame Arthur in an epic 2003 tussle to claim the British belt.
In case anyone doubts that among the reasons for picking a military man was to stick it to Villaraigosa, board member Mike Lansing remarked with unbecoming glee that they had found someone who ``could go toe to toe with the mayor.
RANGERS welcome high-flying Hearts to Ibrox on Saturday as two title heavyweights go toe to toe.
com; Boulder City, NV), a small company that currently specializes in tubeless tires for bicycles, golf cars and wheelbarrows, has developed a polyurethane auto tire that it claims can go toe to toe with rubber.
In the mainstream media, it is long past time for a progressive TV network to go toe to toe against Fox.
We're a small creative shop but are able to go toe to toe with larger studios due to our innovative production process, creative team and investment in the right combination of tools and technology," says Chuck Peil, executive director - business development, Reel FX.