go to war

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go to war (over someone or something)

to wage a war over someone or something. (Often an exaggeration.) We aren't going to go to war over this, are we? Do you want to go to war over Sarah? Is she that important to you?
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Bush decided to go to war in three months if sanctions did not work and the Iraqis were still in Kuwait.
Significantly, the post-Cold-War renewal of interest in the jus ad bellum is sometimes attributed not to the needs of lawyers and statesmen, but precisely to the need being highlighted here--for informed public discourse surrounding the decision to go to war (ibid.
The White House is disputing Woodward's account that Bush made up his mind in early January last year to go to war and started telling his top advisers.
Bishop Oliver said the country faced a moral dilemma and it was 'deeply shameful' if it had to go to war but those opposing military action would only help comfort Saddam Hussein's regime.
Looking at the number of recent conflicts in the region, it can be concluded that, at least in Latin America, democracies do in fact go to war.
However, I must confess to being just that as regards his remarks on whether or not we should, if seen as necessary, go to war with Iran.
One day, we're going to have to go to war, I'm afraid, if he continues his policy.
If we go to war tomorrow, the Raptor will go with us," said Gen.
The decision to go to war was 'a political decision', for which the Government was 'accountable to Parliament - and ultimately the electorate', said the judge.
The roster of young men who go to war in ``Flyboys'' will be familiar to anyone who has seen a few fightin' movies in his lifetime.
In fact, it has been so long since Congress has declared war that the question about whether or not our nation will go to war is usually predicated on what the president will decide, not on what the Congress will decide.
Make it a rule that the people who want to go to war are the first into the offensive.
Everyone expects Avielle to turn evil as well--and Avielle is shunned by others even as she fears for her kingdom which may go to war with Dredonia, a kingdom under the rule of evil wizard-priests.
27 (ANI): Former British ambassador to the United Nations, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, has told an official Iraq War inquiry here that America seemed determined to go to war with Saddam Hussein.