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2 Go to the bathroom when you first feel the urge, and empty your bladder completely.
I ask my patients about their intake of alcohol and caffeine, which make people urinate more, about how much fluid they drink, and about whether they go to the bathroom before long trips or before going to bed," says Wilt.
Oftentimes people with cognitive impairment will answer no if asked to go to the bathroom," says Mahn.
Your job is on the line and I can't even go to the bathroom by myself.
The son discovered the flames when he woke to go to the bathroom.
We've had schools where you can get raped if you go to the bathroom.
Try to write down the times when you go to the bathroom.
Make sure to stop every two hours so they can walk around and go to the bathroom.
The baby stopped crying and then she wanted to go to the bathroom.
David can just about get out of bed to go to the bathroom, never mind pole dance.
They go to the bathroom there and have sex,'' said one Oakdale Avenue resident who asked not to be named, fearing retaliation.
I agree that 15 passes a month isn't enough, but I also understand the need to restrict how often students can go to the bathroom.
IT IS APPALING TO ME that teachers get so little respect that not only do we barely get time to go to the bathroom, but also the size and location of bathrooms seems like an afterthought in building schools (Editor's Note, January).
Sims, deciding everything from what their Sims look like to when they go to the bathroom.
To keep residents comfortable and content, caregivers must know to routinely assess agitated residents for pain, constipation, infection, hunger or thirst and the simple need to go to the bathroom.