go to great pains

go to/take great pains to do something

to try very hard to do something I went to great pains to get this record for you.
See also: great, pain
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AT THOMAS HEPBURN Community Academy, the staff go to great pains to reward those who make the most of their time at Thomas Hepburn Community Academy.
White House officials go to great pains to show Obama is on top of world events even when he is on fundraising trips or family vacations.
I go to great pains to say that Rick is very different from me, but no-one believes that
Companies go to great pains to establish product markups justifying specific profit margin objectives.
They go to great pains every year to keep their titles fully up to date, economical, thoroughly 'user friendly', and imminently portable.
As Barron's so aptly noted in quoting a Wall Street market strategist, "investors 'will go to great pains to avoid repeating the most recently made mistakes.
But Gwyneth, 35, told Glamour magazine that they value their privacy so much they go to great pains NOT to be seen.
THOUGH MANY HOOSIERS go to great pains to recycle whenever possible, we're still sending a bunch of garbage to landfills.
It gets the things it does cover right - well, industrious statisticians go to great pains to get them right.
Last week, for only the second time in my life (the first when some ignorant newsreader or other pronounced the Welsh word castell as casTEL - well they go to great pains to ensure that any words from anywhere else in the world are pronounced correctly), I stood on my soapbox and called to complain.
However, being aware of this, both books go to great pains to not become dogmatic and to show useful approaches and tools that can be incorporated into any development approach.
You go to great pains to say that religion is about relationships, but that in this context "relationship" is not a friendly, fuzzy word.
While he's at it, he might also acquaint himself with a number of documents from Catholic social teaching that go to great pains in explaining the crucial relationship between religion and politics, faith and "action on behalf of justice.
While broadcast journalists go to great pains to correctly pronounce terrorist groups or villages in far flung corners of the world, Wales, it seems, is fair game for a cheerful stab at phonetics.
Although each is interested in theory and econometrics, the authors go to great pains to make the book accessible to the general reader.