go to great lengths to

go to great lengths to do something

to try very hard to achieve a result This champion marathon runner is going to great lengths to help needy children. Both sides have gone to great lengths to emphasize areas of similarity in their proposals.
Related vocabulary: take (great) pains to do something
See also: great, length
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We work with North Wales translators and go to great lengths to ensure accuracy, but for names of attractions, etc, we seek idiomatic rather than literal translations as we find these sound better to our many Welsh visitors.
As a species we go to great lengths to avoid hardship.
Arcadia's regional titles never fail to amaze and delight: they go to great lengths to gather vintage photos from private as well as public collections, they group these photos around neighborhoods to provide an unparalleled local history of an area within a region or city, and they provide high-quality commentary which provides as much background as possible.
In his defense, the man does go to great lengths to put on the best shows he can to an audience that prefers the likes of ``Jackass: The Movie'' to more serious fare such as ``Rabbit-Proof Fence,'' and even contracts Dengue Fever for his efforts.
According to Cushman & Wakefield executive director Glenn Markman, who recently relocated UN members at the Belgian Mission and the European Commission, the UN creates the kind of real estate demand and general economic stimulation that many cities abroad would go to great lengths to gain.
The delay encountered in the procurement of the blue barrels is indicative of a very competitive industry whose various manufacturers often go to great lengths to secure a major contract," Eliseo Garza, Jr.
While both of Martin's Loaded videos go to great lengths to emphasize the singer's appeal to the ladies--"She Bangs" has his naked torso fondled by female hands; "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely" features a long, sensual embrace with a scantily clad Christina Aguilera--neither song has come anywhere close to repeating the success of 1999's hetero fever dream "Livin' la Vida Loca.
I've had the privilege to travel worldwide, and it seems to me that our nation is the only one where the news sources go to great lengths to identify an individual's race.
Artists often go to great lengths to study and observe animals and to perfect their representation.
That is, they have a home range and core center of activity, and they'll go to great lengths to get back to what's familiar to them.
The NIST team had to go to great lengths to produce the beam and then cool the atoms to temperatures low enough for a standing light wave to focus the beam into narrow lines.
With online advertising spending expected to exceed outdoor advertising this year and radio advertising within the next three years (ZenithOptimedia, September 2006), companies continue to go to great lengths to convert the online visitors that they are paying top dollar to drive to their website's front door into paying customers.
Maria Full of Grace: Astonishingly authentic film about a young girl willing to go to great lengths to achieve the state promised by the movie's title.
This transaction underscores an owner's strong lesire to maintain long-term, credit-worthy tenants, and its willingness to go to great lengths to keep them satisfied and committed to its properties," he said.
People in the eastern United States go to great lengths to prevent gypsy moth caterpillars from devouring forests and favorite shade trees.