go to bat for

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go to bat for someone

Fig. to support or help someone. I tried to go to bat for Bill, but he said he didn't want any help. I heard them gossiping about Sally, so I went to bat for her.
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go to bat for somebody/something

to give help or support to someone or something She's one of my closest friends in the world - I'd go to bat for her any day.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of go to bat (to position yourself to hit the ball in a baseball game)
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go to bat for somebody

  (American & Australian)
to give help and support to someone who is in trouble, often by talking to someone else for them Give me some decent evidence and I'll go to bat for you.
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go to bat for

Take the side of, support, defend. For example, Dad will always go to bat for his kids. This term originated in baseball, where it means simply substituting for another batter, but it is the idea of helping one's team in this way that has been transferred to more general use. [Slang; early 1900s]
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go to bat for

To give assistance to; defend.
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At State Farm, our agents and associates go to bat for our customers and their communities every day, so this is a natural extension of who we are," said Todd Fischer, manager of national sponsorships for State Farm.
Then, when you have to say, "Look there's just no way we can do that--it won't work," people listen more, because they know that you will go to bat for them if the facts seem to be there.
We must go to bat for him because WE NEED HIM ON THE BENCH
If your contractor is properly licensed, and your complaint legitimate, the DCA can go to bat for you, reminding the contractor of his obligations under the law and achieving a settlement for you.
To get reinventing-government guru David Osborne to sign on to the federal reinvention effort, Clinton and Gore had to promise that the recommendations would be presented to Congress as a coherent package and that Clinton would go to bat for them on the Hill.
He was quick to go to bat for the avant-garde, whose art he often defended simply by employing a little reasonableness.