go strong

go strong

To proceed energetically or successfully. Grandpa is such an inspiration—he's 92 and still going strong with a more active social life than I have! Our marketing campaign is going strong this quarter, so I'm expecting a big bump in sales.
See also: go, strong

Going strong

functioning well or energetically. We are still well and going strong.
See also: going, strong

going strong

continuing to be healthy, vigorous, or successful. informal
See also: going, strong
References in classic literature ?
Because a thing is going strong now, it need not go strong for ever," she said.
There's less than a month left until the election -- that's why it's so important to start now and to go strong.
I'm just trying to see a lot of pitches, so that when (White) comes back or when Hollandsworth is playing, I can still go strong.
Robinson is the superior offensive player, able to go strong to the hoop, shoot jumpers and draw fouls, and is a better rebounder, shot blocker and help defender.