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The puppy can sleep and play on the loft and jump down to go potty on the pee pad, which reinforces good patterns that your puppy will remember and repeat.
THE people at Alpina go potty if you refer to them as car-tuners - Alpina actually constructs BMWs, getting all the raw materials like bodyshells direct from the German manufacturer.
LET'S all go potty with Pinocchio, a fine variety of a hugely popular plant.
STOCKTON Council is inviting residents to go potty with a series of arts and crafts courses.
At home, changing a wet or messy pull-up or helping her in the bathroom to go potty isn't an issue.
Oh, the joy of having a flushing toilet and no more treks in the snow to go potty.
A puppy will have to go potty shortly after you feed him.
GALLERY chiefs hope visitors will go potty over a new exhibition.
THREE Rugby artists are hoping people will go potty for their work during an exhibition at Rugby Art Gallery.
WHAT A LOTTA POTTER Sophie, Luke and Carson Pryce go potty over the Harry Potter toys at Toys R Us.
we girls usually go potty if a bloke tries to keep his socks on in bed
GO Potty at Butlin's as Professor Potty shows kids how to make science fun.
I'll take him for a walk and teach her to go potty out in the back,'' she said after the dog wet the bathroom rug.
Alex McLeish revealed he didn't go potty during the interval.