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Not only did her record with Grande go platinum multiple times, but another one of her songs, "Swalla" with Jason Derulo, has also had success.
Featuring Bruce on lead vocals, the band's originals like "Sunshine of Your Love," "White Room" and "I Feel Free" would quickly become standards, and the group's third album, "Wheels of Fire," was the first double-LP to go platinum, effectively legitimizing the format.
It's been a whirlwind 12 months for Jessie who has hit the number one spot in 19 countries, sold 11 million singles and seen her debut album Who You Are go platinum.
The chart-toppers saw their first album go platinum and sell around 600,000 copies while their second, Against All Odds, went platinum within two months of release.
The Florence And The Machine singer released her debut album Lungs in June - and saw it go platinum.
Bookies were forced to close the book on the festive battle after a string of bets, and Leona is duly set to go platinum today after selling 100,000 copies in a matter of hours.
To go platinum a fiction book must sell over 50,000 copies and a non-fiction book over 100,000 copies
The North Wales-born bass baritone's album Bryn has already sold some 200,000 copies and is expected to go platinum by the end of the week.
His debut album sold more than five million copies and is set to go platinum in the US.
I actually didn't mean to go platinum," the Lip Kit creator confessed to (http://site.
They even vowed that their record would go platinum as they wished Daily Record readers the best of the season.
After winning a clutch of Brit awards and seeing albums go platinum with easy regularity, Wire says life can get too easy.
for the latest hit to go platinum is his girlfriend Eileen Catterson.